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Fasten your seatbelts, here we go again!

WELCOME TO CabaïaLand. Where everyday life is always a party.

Here, colors pop and emotions run high. At your side, our accessories that transform everyday life: backpacks as pop as a candy apple, suitcases as practical as a ticket stopper, bananas that invite you to enjoy life hands-free.... Are you ready for a rollercoaster ride?

What colors and materials to choose?

It's well known that our accessories live their best life at CabaïaLand, a funfair that never ends. And so can you...

IRIDESCENT to make sparks fly.  

The goal: to shine this year, and for that we have the solution with Iridescent, the new material with a thousand and one reflections! And to keep everyone happy, this material is available as an Adventurer, a shoulder bag and a reversible fanny pack!

FLOWERS AND PATTERNS to brighten your day

You love patterns. Flowers, geometric or animal motifs, we're teeming with prints of all kinds to adorn our various accessories.

ORANGE to keep your spirits up.

It's THE color of the year, and we're surfing on the arrival of orange in 2024 with a whole selection of products in orange tones, from the sunset of "Johannesburg" to the terracotta of the Adventurer "Tanta" or the Starter "Caracas", there's something for everyone!

Our best backpacks!

On your back, an ally to face life's rollercoaster. Cabaïa backpacks are designed to follow you, day after day, through loops and tight turns, at sometimes disconcerting speeds. Customizable, eco-friendly, vegan and sturdy, they make everyday life a whole lot better. A must-have.

Our star attraction? The adventurer.

It's OUR iconic backpack, Cabaïa's signature. Let's just say that if other backpacks were apples... Ours would be an apple of love: sexier, more beautiful, simply addictive. Slip your laptop into it to protect it, personalize it with your favorite pouch, take it everywhere without fear, since it's guaranteed for life. Let the party begin!

The smaller the better...

When you go to the funfair, you want to feel light...

The Nano is our micro-format, super-nomadic bag. It moves as fast as you do, and you have to hold on tight to keep up. At CabaïaLand, it's the cutest thing in the carnival. By the way, where did he just run off to? Ah, phew, he's here. We spotted him between the haunted house and the doughnut stand.

In the family of things that put us in a good mood... There are nutella waffles, Ferris wheels, bumper cars and bananas. Not the fruit, no: the little bag that hangs on your shoulder (or waist, like in the 90's). Ours are reversible, ethical and nomadic. They'll go everywhere with you!

For the whole family!

The whole family is invited to the funfair.

And if you need to change a diaper up there, at the top of the Ferris wheel... No problem: that's what our changing bag is for. We've thought of everything to make life easier for parents, from the insulated compartment to the pockets to find the pacifier in a second, not forgetting the snap hook to attach it to the stroller.

Ever higher, ever further.

Hello, yes? This is Cabaïa Lines travel agency. Just a message to announce your upgrade on your way to the fair. To leave, you'll need:

A travel bag, customizable, durable, vegan, so practical with its shoe compartment and "long weekend or short week" format.


Written by : Zoé CHAUVINEAU