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Life with no plastic, it's fantastic!

Since 2020, Cabaïa stopped single-use plastic in its products. Yes, sorry Barbie… Here is everything you need to know about this commitment!

Why banning plastic?

Plastic bags represent 1,4% on the total plastic usage. You might think that it’s not that much. Yes indeed, but 80% of this plastic bags are not recycled: most of them are thrown away in nature. Consequence: they are a threat for nature and landscapes, there’s no need here to remind you all the damages caused by plastic in the oceans for example. Moreover, plastic bags in polyethylene take 200 to 400 years to disappear in nature. That’s why at Cabaïa, we thought that we had to do something for the planet, at our own scale 🌍 

No more plastic in our packaging!

We chose using corn starch bags in our packaging to protect carefully your accessories. The big plus of this material? It’s biodegradable in 24 months. You can even compost it. Yes Ma’am. Corn starch bags are also a way to tackle gas emissions because of the materials are vegetals. The only plastic component left today is the little iteam attaching the label: our teams are working to find a long term solution to replace it very quickly.

...But also in our products 🎒

Instead of using new materials from plastic for our products, we chose working with recycled polyester from plastic bottles. So is the material for our backpacks, our towels bags but also some of our hats 🌿



To know more about our upcycling action, click here.

Written by : Rachel