The SeaCleaners

Caring about the environment from day one, we are proud to support the association The SeaCleaners, which actively fights against plastic pollution of the oceans.

To inaugurate our partnership with great fanfare, 1€ will be donated to the association for any purchase made on the site or in the Cabaïa store, between April 22 and 29, 2023.

From 22 to 29 April, €1 will be donated to The SeaCleaners for each order. defile text svg

Who are The SeaCleaners?

17 tonnes of plastic waste is dumped into our oceans every minute.

Faced with the urgency of the situation, The SeaCleaners is actively mobilizing to protect the oceans on land and at sea from plastic pollution.
Founded in 2016 by sailor Yvan Bourgnon, the association collects plastic waste, educates and raises awareness to reduce plastic pollution at the source, contributes to scientific knowledge and promotes the transition to the circular economy.

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Their 4 missions:

- To contribute to cleaning up the oceans and aquatic environments and to recycle plastic waste

- To understand plastic pollution by developing and widely disseminating scientific knowledge

- To raise awareness and mobilise all audiences to raise awareness and change behaviour in a sustainable way

- To ensure optimal management of oceanic waste and to promote the dynamics of a circular economy locally.

A second life as a backpack?

380 million tons of plastic are produced every year. And when you know that 32% of this plastic ends up in nature and the oceans, you shudder when you do the math. Very concerned about the environment at Cabaïa, we work hard to recover and recycle this plastic waste, and give it a second life in the form of backpacks. How do we do it? We explain it all to you during our Green Week.

Concerned about the environment from day one, we are proud to support The SeaCleaners, an association that actively fights against plastic pollution in the oceans. To inaugurate our partnership in style, 1€ will be donated to the association for every purchase made on the website or in a Cabaïa boutique between April 22 and 29.

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Our commitments at Cabaia

Offer ingenious accessories that respect animals and the planet. We work with eco-responsible materials and ensure that our accessories have the longest possible life cycle.

In this sense, we have prohibited the use of disposable plastic in our products, we promote the transport of our goods by boat and train. We are committed to the SPA and the SeaCleaners, we practice upcycling on several ranges of our products such as our backpacks which are made from recycled plastic bottles, and we are now part of the B Corp™ movement. Oh yes, and then, all our bags are guaranteed for life.

Want to know more? We explain everything here!

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