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Our certifications 🍀

We don’t like labels at Cabaïa. Except when it’s about labels to assure you the quality of our products. Today, we are very proud that all our products are OEKO-TEX and REACH certified. The majority of our accessories are also EVE Vegan certified. But in concrete terms, what does it mean? Follow the guide to know more!

B CORP: for climate change

At Cabaïa, we believe that companies have the power to act on environmental, societal and solidarity issues. Proof of this commitment: we have been B Corp™ certified since September 2022 (little dance of joy!). This certification is one of the most demanding and difficult to obtain. Cabaïa actually took two years before being certified! Amandine and Lorraine, in charge of the project, had to answer more than 200 questions and provide numerous proofs of our progress in ecological and social matters. Why was it important for us to obtain this label? Today, it is one of the few labels that certifies that a company respects high social and environmental standards, and participates in a more inclusive, contributing and regenerative economy.

OEKO-TEX : the quality

OEKO-TEX Standard 100 is an international and independent label for every textile company respecting the OEKO-TEX norm. This norm guarantees the quality of fabrics and the absence of harmful substances for the health of consumers. This norm was established based on scientific criterias and tests in laboratories. To obtain this label, Cabaïa had to be evaluated by an independent organism, samples of our products were analyzed and our production sites were visited.

You can find more information on the official website 🌿

REACH: the health

REACH is a EU regulation that prohibes the use of chemical substances above a certain limit. This limit was established in order to protect human health or the environment. Every year, independent laboratories make sure our new materials are well below this limit. It means that our products are made with no harmful substances. Isn't life beautiful?

EVE VEGAN : for the animals

European Vegan Expertise, known as EVE VEGAN is an officiel label led by an legitimate and independent organism. It's an assurance that a product is made with no animal materials (leather,fur..🐰). Except our Premium wool hats, ALL our accessories are vegan! Proof that animal welfare is an important fight for us.


The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) not only certifies the recycled content of a product, but also verifies compliance with environmental and social criteria.

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) : ecological textile

No, GOTS is not a reference to Game of Thrones. It is an international label created in 2002 guaranteeing an ecological and socially responsible production method for textiles. This label certifies that our textiles are made from organically grown fibers, that they do not contain toxic or carcinogenic substances, and that their production is subject to strict water emission standards. The social criteria for textile processing are based on the conventions of the International Labor Organization.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council): for a sustainable packaging

Our packaging is made from FSC cardboard. The international NGO Forest Stewardship Council issues the label and certifies that the cardboard comes from a forest managed in a sustainable, ecological and social way.

Learn more about or commitments toward animal welfare here. 

Written by : Maureen