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Cabaïa and the animals: hand in paw 🐱🐶

Cabaïa and transportation 🚚

Transport is the second world greenhouse gases producer. Driven by calendar pressure of the successive collections, lots of businesses choose ultra-fast modes of transportation, but also “ultra-polluting”. Cabaïa thinks different: we prefer to take our time and focus on greener modes of transport. We’re telling you everything right below!

By producing vegan accessories 🌿

All our products are cruelty-free, meaning they were all made respecting the animals. Indeed, 98% of our products are EVE VEGAN certified, an independent, official and legitimate label. In concrete terms, it means that all our bags, all our socks, all our towels and the big majority of our hats do not contain animal materials. The 2% products left are our Premium hats in wool! This wool is sourced from ethically certified breeders in Europe and museling free. In conclusion, Cabaïa is commited to created animal friendly products and it makes our mascot cat Marty very happy!

By creating the #MartyChallenge 🐱

By the way, Marty gave his name to our big challenge: 1€ is given to the SPA (French Association for the Protection of Animals) for every post with our product on Instagram with this hashtag. Since the beginning, we were able to give more than 54000€ thanks to the lovely faces of your 4 legs friends (who are big fan of our packaging.

By launching “Les Inséparables”, the socks packs in favor of the animals 🐾

In 2018, we chose to partner with the SPA by creating limited editions socks packs. All the benefits, 10€/pack, goes to the SPA! It was a huge success so we decided to make this adventure an yearly rendez-vous 💪 The benefits allowed the association to create a new shelter, de build a dog park, to take in charge animals by giving them all the cares and foods needed. And all of this, thanks to you !

To know more about our certifications, just click here.