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Ouch. Here you are on the morning of the 24th, with no presents in your hands. After looking at all the shops and websites, you've found THE durable, ingenious and stylish piece at CABAIA, and now you have to give it to someone else!

No way! So, to get you out of this mess, here are our best excuses when you don't have any presents (or you've decided to keep it for yourself).

100% effectiveness not guaranteed!

But I didn't know what to give you!

Followed by "you've got everything you need" or "you weren't going to use it anyway". Well, it's not your fault! Whatever you do, your cousin already has everything! And asking her what she wants for Christmas wasn't part of your plan at all...


But I didn'I haven't got a penny... I promise when I get my pay!

So there you have the merit of being honest... Halfway. In reality, you've spent it all on gifts... for yourself.

You know all about delivery problems!!

Do you remember this song from school? "The postman hasn't come, he won't come... Ever." That's right, the parcel is stuck at the warehouse, the delivery man forgot you or left with your present.


I've kept it for myself!

If you have to choose, don't give it away! Frankly, 15 seconds of joy in the eyes of the person receiving it against a lifetime of happiness at your side? It's a no-brainer!

I'm the present!

How are your ankles? Because you're the icing on the cake... The icing on the cake! Your presence is already an achievement.


We're not saying you've lost the Christmas spirit. It's just that the Cabaïa spirit was stronger 😉

Come on, make an effort, a little love note, a little ditty, some clementines...

Written by : Zoé CHAUVINEAU