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It's time for our long-awaited brand new collection of illustrator pockets 🎨

The work? A pocket. The museum? Your bag. Once again, Cabaïa invites you on an artistic trip by inviting the best female illustrators of the moment to add their personal touch to our iconic clutch bag. It's a crazy artistic mix that will make Mona Liza jealous! And don't forget, it's a very, very limited edition!

Enough to make your backpacks even more original than they already are!


 The jungle of Clemzillu 🐅





The only jungle we'd like to get lost in is the pink one designed by Clemzillu.

Clémentine is a true "lover of colour". Her illustrations always feature THE sparkling motif that will make all the difference.


 Get a green thumb with Y Illustrations 🪴





Psst: these plants don't need a drop of water to stay as beautiful as they were on the first day. Thanks Y. Illustration.

A true enthusiast, she comes from Indonesia, studied communication design in Hamburg, then moved to the south of Germany to become an illustrator and open her online shop.


 The summer night vision of Chloé Weinfeld 🌙





Chloé Weinfeld is in her blue period: her cover evokes a summer night that will never end. Poetic as can be.

Chloé fuses colourful landscapes and buildings from her imagination to create a world full of madness and fantasy....


 Follow the autumn song with Mügluck




Mügluck has created an ode to autumn for you. Please note that the smell of roasting chestnuts is not included.

Mügluck is said to be a magician of colour! Her drawings make even rainbows sparkle with envy. Her works are like happy hour cocktails for your eyes.


 Come to the enchanting world of Barbusse Buro




Vinyl, dancing and smiley faces: Barbusse Buro turns a Monday morning into a Saturday night. Oh yeah.

Aurore Carric transports us into her quirky, colourful world, where the characters are (very) often smiling at life.


When we came up with the idea of interchangeable sleeves, we had two objectives:

- To showcase illustrators whose work we love.
- To create backpacks that we can never get enough of !

What if we chose a backpack to go with all these pockets? It's like choosing a frame for a beautiful painting.

Want to learn more? We've written an article about our certifications our commitments.

Written by : Zoé