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New special Christmas collection!

This year we've decided to give you a dazzling present... And if we were you, we'd keep it! Giving so much glitter so that someone else can shine at Christmas... Out of the question! 🎄

Here's the special Christmas gift collection for YOU. 🫶🏻


.... bags obviously!

We're bringing you the magic of Christmas in pattern: festive colours, bursts of nature and a pinch of stars against a mysterious night sky.

And the mini? And the medium? FOR YOU TWO!! You can't buy a collection this cute on the open market.

Shiiiiine bright ! Toniiiiiight ! 🎶

Would you like this song to be for you? Pssst, we may have the solution. You know those bags you've been meaning to give as presents? Well, they won't end up under the tree, but on your very own Adventurer bag.

So, would you prefer a Yule log, gingerbread, candy cane or biscuit?

Toilet bags for a not-so-clean New Year's Eve....

A wide opening and compartments for a Christmas gift that's as ingenious as it is stylish. It's also ideal for washing away your sins when you've given up on giving. At the same time, with its little floral, coloured or iridescent look, we'd do the same.

First one to blink loses. 👀

You've had your eye on this beanie, but now is not the time to flinch if you want to wear these tassels all winter long. And one thing's for sure, they'll look better on you than they did on those who had to have them. I'm sorry if you're going to deprive them of this very comfy set with its hat, 3 interchangeable pompoms and scarf. It's impossible to give up so much softness and warmth. Once again, we should have known better!

Written by : Zoé