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Green Week

Cabaïa, the brand of ingenious, creative and durable accessories. If you've always wondered what's behind that word, we'll answer you in the next few days!

We chose to focus on one commitment in particular: producing as little waste as possible

Durable fashion

100% recycled backpacks

Discover the Old School, a backpack designed to put color in your days and stay forever young with its pop colors and its 100% recycled canvas.

25 recycled bottles later, our City bag is here. Find all the ingenuity of the Cabaïa backpack in this recycled range, with a design specially rethought for the urban explorer.

The engaged luggage

Want to have ingenious accessories that are good for the planet? Say no more. Our special Green Week accessory selection is available. 100% recycled, 100% good for the planet.

Duffle bag, travel kit, card holder, laptop case... Discover our range of accessories guaranteed 100% ingenious.
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The reduction of our packaging

To protect and pamper your precious accessories, we opted for FSC-certified cardboard (from sustainably managed forests).

We have banned plastic: instead, we use cornstarch bags. The advantage of this material? In addition to being made from natural and vegetable materials, it is biodegradable in 24 months when exposed to air or water. You can even compost your polybag.
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Green Week is the time we've decided to take to tell you about our commitments and our progress for the planet. It's not about us looking at our navels and congratulating ourselves: we want to give you justifications for our choices as well as keys on how we can all act on a daily basis. And this year, we have chosen to tell you more about one of our commitments: to produce as little waste as possible. The City, for all city and nature lovers. The backpack that will follow you everywhere, even in your days at a thousand miles an hour. Trust us. And you want to know the best part? It's 100% recycled. The perfect companion for all your urban adventures, day or night. We love its new signature flap in vegan leather for an assumed urban look, and its canvas recycled from 25 plastic bottles. Find all the ingenuity of our iconic backpack in the new retro Old School range. And if that wasn't enough, it's 100% recycled. Embrace the best of our iconic backpack, revisited in a pop design and in a 100% recycled canvas. A collection designed to add color to your day and stay forever young. Our travel bags are designed to withstand all your adventures, with their washable bottom and their 100% recycled waterproof canvas. Tested and approved by the whole team. The computer case, you'll love the fleece interior to protect your screen, the interchangeable pockets to change style and store your charger, its water-repellent fabric to brave all the weather, and its integrated magnetic support that will allow you to set up where you want, when you want. And best of all, it's 100% recycled. Forget your rolling suitcase that no longer rolls (RIP) and switch to our ingenious 100% recycled travel bag. Tablets, books, glasses, shoes, dirty clothes, keys: there's a place for everything in the pockets of our ingenious bag. Absolutely everything. Translated with (free version)