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More bobbles for your bobble hat with interchangeable bobbles!

Please note: this bobble isn't compatible with hats from the Autumn-Winter 2016/2017 collection!
Thanks to our 'Tornade' magnetised system, you'll never lose a bobble again.
This bobble can be used with all Cabaïa Winter 2017/18, 2018/2019, 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 hats.

Made in Europe.


Do not machine wash (you wouldn't want to give your bobble a headache!).
Lie out to dry flat, like you at the beach.


1 super soft bobble
1 pinch of happiness
100% acrylic

video cabaia Bobble Violet play
video cabaia Bobble Violet play
  • ❄️ Use and care of your hat

    Using your hat:

    👩🎨 To remove the tassel, grasp the cap as close to the magnet as possible with one hand and the tassel with the other and apply a twist (as if you were breaking a Kit Kat). This way you avoid pulling on the cap and the seams.🧳 To store the cap and its three pom-poms in the box, remove the pom-pom from the cap, put the pom-poms in the cap, roll it widthways and put it in the box.👇🏼 Some caps (meads) have a "loose" effect - they are designed to fall backwards so feel free to pull them back a little to put them on.💪 Our materials are tested for not pilling, however like any stitch it happens after a while. To delay this avoid carrying your hat in the bottom of a bag or in a place where it could rub and turn it over if it does. Rubbing accelerates the appearance of pilling. You can also eliminate pilling with devices such as the following.

    Caring for your hat:
    Wash at 30°C or 40°C without the pompoms! It's more ecological and it works very well. The pom-poms don't go through the machine because there is a small glue spot to hold the threads together.💨Faites air-dry flat, avoid drying clothes, it's not very ecological and it will damage your super bonnet.🍎 Wash the pumps with a damp cloth, do not machine wash.Enjoy your hat, we hope it will keep you warm and take care of it so that it stays with you forever and ever 😄


Bobble Violet

Communauté Instagram de Cabaia
Communauté Instagram de Cabaia
Communauté Instagram de Cabaia
Communauté Instagram de Cabaia
Communauté Instagram de Cabaia
Communauté Instagram de Cabaia


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