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"That year, CABAIA put on its big show, The audience didn't see it coming, Oh, what a year, that year!"

The time has come to revisit 2023 at CABAIA, and we can tell you it's been a... pompom-tastic year!"

Let it goooo, let it goooo

In 2023, we deliveredddd, improvedddd, collectedddd, inventeddddd and we don't plan to stop here," says Fabien, Director of Purchasing.

It all started with an avalanche of product launches! We released Lunch Bags, Starter Bags, banana bags, diaper bags, suitcases, and even the two-in-one bag so you're never alone again... We also improved the Nano Bag!

The capsule collections and co-creations were not left behind. Vichy, Colorblock, Special Christmas, Co-creation with Allons Rider, Papier Tigre, and even the Olympics... We've done so much capsule-ing that we wonder if we should launch a coffee line with CABAIA branding to keep up with the pace.

"To present all these novelties to you, we organized 6 live shopping events!" says Morgane, E-commerce Manager.

"And as if that weren't enough, we improved our logistics for faster deliveries than ever before, ready to reach our customers at lightning speed!" 🚀 says François, Director of Supply Chain.

"We Will Rock You"

It was the year of the Amazing Everyday, where we gave it our all to put glitter in your eyes, surprise you, make you laugh, travel, thrill, dare! We went to meet you more than ever through in-store events, on the street..." says Adrienne, Head of Marketing France.

The highlight of the show? Our participation in the Rock en Seine festival! We rocked the stage with a special Banana just for the occasion. Our goal in every action taken this year: to make you have a blast! (and enjoy a little Spritz after the effort...)

"Earth Song"

In 2023, at Cabaïa, we decided to clean up... but in our own way! We put on our sneakers for a "Clean Walk" full of energy, and with The SeaCleaners, we dropped anchor in the fight against ocean pollution. We also released a limited edition of Seaqual® pouches, made from an innovative fabric woven from plastic bottles from the oceans. You're doing a service to the turtles.

And that's not all, Cabaïa is committed: against plastic, orphaned socks, but also for the SPA and its shelters. Our solidarity collection has grown! Always 100% of the profits are donated to the association that supports the actions and raises awareness of the cause of our four-legged friends. At Cabaïa, we don't do things by halves, because we believe in a better, more responsible, and above all, very stylish world. 🌊

"Don't stop me nowwww!"

(Yes, we love Queen!) And that's not all! We also conquered the land of fries with openings in Brussels and Antwerp, and then we invaded France with stores in Strasbourg, Nancy, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Tours, La Rochelle, Marseille, Dijon, Montpellier, Nantes, Angers, and even Montparnasse.

"A colossal task that would not have been possible without a Retail headquarters team fueled by daily challenges and vitamin C." says Antoine, Retail Director.

Not to mention the fabulous BtoB team that once again reached for the stars!

"We Are (big) Family"

Little by little, the Cabaïa family is growing... but we never lose our way! The HR team has done an outstanding job in strengthening our troops. The new talents who join the team remain faithful to our values and our image while growing, because that's the Cabaïa spirit! 🚀🎉

"The year 2023 can be summed up as a true growth in terms of quality and quantity. That's the success of the HR department: this behind-the-scenes work that allows everyone working at Cabaïa to find their place, develop professionally, and flourish personally." Juliette, HR Manager

"We are all united and strong in the ascent of the mountains towards this infinite growth peak!" Kristel, CFO

At Cabaïa, we firmly believe that moments of sharing contribute to a positive and energetic work atmosphere. That's why we love organizing raclette parties, karaoke nights, and crazy seminars - it's what makes us a company unlike any other! It reinforces our team spirit, reminding everyone of the importance of cohesion and relaxation, even during the busiest periods.

Rest assured, we haven't installed a slide in our offices yet... but it won't be long now.

In short, in 2023, we did everything to make you dream... now, everything you weren't supposed to see is in this video!

Written by : Zoé CHAUVINEAU