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Everyday is sales day

At Cabaïa, our Last Chance selection is always 30% off, 365 days a year.

Remember during Black Friday 2022 : we offered you our end of collection at 30% off, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No winter, summer, rain or snow sales: it's ALL year round!

At the beginning of January, the logistics team came back to us with a lot of models from old collections. Bags, socks, beanies... We immediately thought you might like them ! That's why we have decided to add these new little gems to our selection, still at 30% off. You'll be spoiled, and equipped to start this year with us! ❤️

As you can see, it's still your last day of luck! 🍀

Better than Black Friday and sales

Because our products are already at the right price - all year round.

However ! Despite all our efforts not to overproduce and plan our stocks as accurately as possible, it sometimes happens that we think a little big on certain productions. True to our commitment to never throw anything away, we have decided to offer you these models at 30% off on our site. This selection is available all year round, not just for Black Friday and sales.

30% off and that's it ?

That's right. By choosing to offer you fair prices all year round, we have left the offensive promotions or new markdowns on our end of collection behind. A fair price means a reduced margin : if we want to be able to pay the team and pay for Marty's kibbles 🐱, we can't logically remove this margin by making additional reductions. As for inflating our prices all year round to give you the impression of a bargain once or twice a year, do we really need to explain why we don't do that?

No rush. No super-limited offers or crazy promotions.
Just 30% off our old stock: a healthier, more transparent approach.

Psst, want to know more about our commitments? Come over here.

Written by : Maureen