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Everyday is sales day

At Cabaïa, our Last Chance selection is always 30% off, 365 days a year.

Right now it's Black Friday... well, not with us!
At Cabaïa we offer 30% off products all year round in the "Last Chances" section of our website.
So if you're looking for a good deal on a cheap gift, we recommend you take a look there.
a look. But then again, at that price, you're more likely to lose the Christmas spirit altogether and keep everything to yourself!

Better than Black Friday and sales

Because our products are already at the right price - all year round.

However ! Despite all our efforts not to overproduce and plan our stocks as accurately as possible, it sometimes happens that we think a little big on certain productions. True to our commitment to never throw anything away, we have decided to offer you these models at 30% off on our site. This selection is available all year round, not just for Black Friday and sales.

30% off and that's it ?

That's right. By choosing to offer you fair prices all year round, we have left the offensive promotions or new markdowns on our end of collection behind. A fair price means a reduced margin : if we want to be able to pay the team and pay for Marty's kibbles 🐱, we can't logically remove this margin by making additional reductions. As for inflating our prices all year round to give you the impression of a bargain once or twice a year, do we really need to explain why we don't do that?

No rush. No super-limited offers or crazy promotions.
Just 30% off our old stock: a healthier, more transparent approach.

Psst, want to know more about our commitments? Come over here.

Written by : Maureen