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Our engagements

Cabaïa's commitment to the environment and animals.

Our mission

To offer ingenious accessories that respect animals and the planet. We tell you all about our choices, thoughts and progress in this area, for today and the years to come.
To offer ingenious accessories that respect animals and the planet. We tell you all about our choices, thoughts and progress in this area, for today and the years to come.

#01. No plastic

Since 2020, Cabaïa has banned the use of disposable plastic in its products, replacing it with kraft or starch in all packaging. The only plastic component still remaining today is the small piece of plastic used to attach labels. The teams are currently working to find a sustainable solution so that it can also be replaced as soon as possible.

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#02. Transport

Some brands which release collections every month (Sundays at 9:30 am) only use planes because of time constraints: this is the most polluting means of transport. At Cabaïa, we prefer to use sea freight for faraway destinations. We may sometimes use air transportation in cases of extreme necessity, but this is rare, and our product teams aim to stop using it altogether from 2020 onwards.

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#03. Cruelty Free

This is one of Cabaïa's strongest and founding commitments: none of our products contain animal materials and all are EVE VEGAN certified (with the exception of a few hats containing wool, which is either recycled or acquired from farms that do not practise mulesing and are certified as such).

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#04. Our certifications

At Cabaïa, we don't like labels. Except for the ones assuring you of the quality of our products. Today, we are proud to say that all our accessories are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and REACH certified, and that the vast majority have been given the EVE VEGAN label. But what does this actually mean? Have a look at our guide to find out!

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From bottle to bag, in just one step...

Frequently asked questions

How do you choose your materials?

We select our raw materials according to 3 categories:

- We privilege recycled, natural and/or VEGAN certified materials.

- We check that they are certified OEKO-TEX and REACH.

- We test, test and re-test them (thanks Intertek) to offer you solid, quality accessories that last a lifetime (no more programmed obsolescence!).

Do you use eco-responsible materials? If so, which ones?

Absolutely! We even have the goal of eco-designing all of our products by 2021.

The materials used range from recycled polyester to recycled cotton and recycled wool (non-exhaustive list).

Should polyester and synthetic fibers be banned?

The use of recycled materials is being and must be developed. However, recycled materials have a limit: sustainability. Indeed, one cannot use only recycled materials without taking into account the longevity of the products, because 1 non-recycled product always consumes less than 2 recycled products. We therefore always take care to integrate the maximum of recycled materials, while preserving the longevity of our products.