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Cabaïa and transportation 🚚

Transportation is the second-largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world. Driven by a collection schedule that is constantly changing, many people choose to travel at high speed, but in a way that is also extremely polluting. At Cabaïa, we prefer to take our time and bet on greener modes of transport. We tell you everything!

For distant destinations...

The plane is 125 times more carbon dioxide than a private car, and 1500 times more than a train. At Cabaïa, we prefer to travel by boat or train to distant destinations. Of course, this may mean some delays in delivery, but our logistics team is there to anticipate them and ensure that all your Cabaïa accessories are delivered on time!

What about deliveries to your home?

We would love to deliver you by bike to the 4 corners of Europe, but we don't have the calves for it. So instead, we propose you carriers committed to carbon neutrality like Chronopost!

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Written by : Rachel