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New collection: transform your life into an adventure.

Did you dream of another world? Welcome to ours.

On the agenda for this season at Cabaïa: forget the rules of the game. Step off the beaten path, declare our love on a train platform, change hemispheres (or just jobs), learn to surf, dream big. In short, we are ready for the great adventure, and we're taking you with us. Ready?

This is your invitation to explore

Do you dream of escape, exploration, and adventure? Our new collection of accessories is your ticket to take off towards... the unknown and beyond! Because yes, planning is good, but being surprised by the unexpected is even better. Let's forget the meticulously prepared itinerary on Google Maps, the countless addresses found on TikTok (which quickly become crowded). This summer, we wander, we dare, we commit, we thrive!

New colors, new materials.

To satisfy all our modern-day adventurers, we have released an avalanche of new colors and materials across our entire product range: coated canvas to withstand your refreshing swims, fleece fabric for cozy moments with your bag, quilted fabric (as soft as a sunset), and finally, padded fabric that protects your belongings from the bumps and jolts of everyday life. Yes, we have thought of everything to accompany you on all your escapades, offering the perfect blend of style, functionality, comfort, and above all, durability.

Your destinations may change, but at Cabaïa, we have a fixed compass: eco-responsibility. No matter where you go or which land you venture into, our commitment to the environment remains steadfast. Our accessories will always be made from recycled plastic bottles, guaranteed for life, and 100% vegan. Get ready to embark on unique adventures while contributing to the preservation of our beautiful planet.

More new releases?! ✨

On our crossbody bags

1. No, you're not dreaming, it's indeed that brown Adventurer that has been transformed into a shoulder bag. Let me tell you that I'll be rushing to get one myself upon its release.

2. Yes, we read your reviews and suggestions with the utmost attention, and we listened to you: front pouches are here, thanks to you! And we're not done collaborating with you.

3. 3 like 3 new shoulder straps available to carry your mini bag with style and change your look according to your desires.

On our City backpacks

1. New hook opening: goodbye magnetic flap! We have developed a hook that secures your bag while allowing for quick and easy access. Four new attachment loops have been integrated to adjust the bag's capacity according to its contents.

2. The side zipper closure provides access to the bag's contents without opening the flap. It can be useful for quickly finding your phone at the bottom of the bag or accessing its contents while carrying it on your shoulder.

3. ...You can also open both! Super convenient for easily seeing your belongings at a glance and fully loading it up.

Only for adventurers.

Discover our accessories designed to turn everyday life into an adventure and have fun along the way. Are you coming?

To equip all our Indiana Jones 2.0 👇

Johannesburg - Backpack - Medium - Adventurer

Marrakech - Duffle bag

Florence - Nano Bag - front face

Johannesburg - Backpack - Medium - Adventurer

Marrakech - Duffle bag

Florence - Nano Bag - front face

Johannesburg - Backpack - Medium - Adventurer

Marrakech - Duffle bag

Florence - Nano Bag - front face

Check out our website, our stores and our retailers to shop the entire collection !

Written by : Maureen