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Everything you need to know on how to choose your backpack 🎒

This year, you have made a resolution : no more impractical tote bag, no more handbag where you can’t put anything in it, no more shapeless and dull backpack…This year, you are looking for the perfect backpack ! To make your life easier, we have drawn up a list of criteria that your perfect backpack must meet. And it looks like we’ve got just the bag you need.

✅ Choose a versatile bag

What do we want from a backpack in our daily lives ? That it’s capable of carrying all our little life such as your working day’s essentials : files, meals, chargers, superhero cape…But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. You also need to think about your sports gear, your cardigan to enjoy a drink on the terrace, but also the groceries to take home. That’s where our backpacks come into play : furnished with a soft inner pocket that is perfect for your computer, they also have a wide opening and with their interior volume of 23L (Medium bag) and 25L (Maxi bag), you will be able to put absolutely everything in them. So no more excuses to forget the bottle of wine at a party.

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Choose a handy bag

The main benefit of backpacks is practicality : you can have your hands free ! No more thermos flask escaping from your overloaded arms. From now on, everything fits into one bag. But we totally agree with you : having to dig deep to get your keys or wallet is not much use. That’s why we put a zipped pocket at the front of our backpack, but also a carabiner to hang your keys inside and a secret pocket on the back to hide your wallet and whip out your credit card faster than the speed of light.

Choose a stylish bag

As you well know, everything that is practical is not always aesthetic. Luckily for you, our bag is an exception to the rule. Are you a pop fan? Well, we have a range of Adventurer backpacks in bright and pop colours. Are David and Victoria Beckham your fashion ideal ? The City backpacks are the perfect fit, as they will carry your belongings with class. Are you an unconditional fan of the retro look? We've designed the Old School backpack for you. Do you appreciate minimalism and simplicity ? The Starter is the bag you need!

But more than this, all our bags are customizable with their interchangeable front pocket. We've thought of everything to make a bag that looks like YOU.

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Choose a durable bag

It's not just about having an attractive bag, it's also about having a bag that lasts. That's why the choice of materials is very important. Choose a bag made of strong canvas with solid fasteners. Some quick advice : check whether your straps have the famous Bartak stitch, which is a reinforcement point that guarantees the durability of your straps. Also check your zippers: they say that the reference on the matter is the YKK brand. And guess what? Our bags meet both criteria. That's why we've chosen to guarantee them for life!

Choose a comfortable bag

One of the greatest ills of the 21st century, no matter what anyone says, is back pain. And when you have to stand in public transport with a heavy bag on your back, it is essential to choose a comfortable model with good support. Choose a bag with wide, padded and ideally anti-perspirant shoulder straps. And if they are adjustable, that’s even better!

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Choose a sustainable bag

At a time when our planet is threatened by global warming, ethics have become increasingly important in our consumer choices. To check that your bag meets sustainable manufacturing conditions, look at the origin of the materials: are they recycled? Do they contain animal materials? What certifications does the company have? At Cabaïa, we can assure you that all our production workshops are BSCI certified and that our textiles are OEKO-TEX and EVE Vegan.

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Last but not least, the most important criterion to choose your bag, is to choose the one you like.

Written by : Maureen