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5 ideas to give a new life to your packaging!

That's it! You've just received your Cabaïa package 🤩

You have stars in your eyes, and you're unwraping it already thinking about all the crazy adventures you're going to live with... But wait a minute! You're still not going to throw away the box from your package or even the shaker pf your hat? We give you ideas to give your packaging a new life 🌱

#1 Turn your shaker into a pretty jar 🌸

Want to give a pop touch to your interior and spice up your houseplants, make an original vase for your dried flowers or even something to store your collection of chopsticks (and any other collection a little original..). It's a good thing our beanie shaker can fulfill the mission 😎 We asked the DIY artist @magiquepoulette to give a new life to our 100% recycled shaker!

#2 Build a shelf from cardboard

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Do you believe us if we tell you that this rounded shelf in wood and cardboard? And yet, we swear that you can. Get some boards and cut carefully our cardboard following the guide below and you can give a new look to your walls!

#3 Upcycle your boxes into a storage basket ✨

Cut and customize our card box to organize your drawer! You'll see, you'll spend much less time searching for your stuff...

#4 Get organized 🤓

You've fallen in love with our sock wrappers and now you don't know what to do with them? If you're not the type to carefully store your pairs of socks in their packaging (it happens), then try using them as storage boxes in your drawers. And it even works for our little boxes! To spice it all up a bit, you can decorate them with tape or paint. ✨

#5 Make your cat/dog happy 🐾

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Last but not least: our boxes make excellent hiding places for your cats/dogs... Yes, yes, we swear. And if you don't believe us, we invite you to check out the #Martychallenge on Instagram. We don't know what the scientific explanation behind this phenomenon is, but for having seen and observed it with our own eyes: cats and dogs automatically head towards an empty Cabaïa box as soon as they see one 😺🐶 Well and the best part is, you don't have to do anything...

If this article inspired you, don't hesitate to share your creations with us under the #cabaia or to send them by mail, it will make us too happy!

See you soon💕

Written by : Rachel