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The bike bag - part 1 : specifications

I have never thought that I will receive all these feedback on this new product (over 3,900!). It's definitely a product that interests you. And you can’t imagine how much it makes me happy!


I read all your answers and wrote the specifications for our two designers, Léa and Max. One was a stylist for a luxury brand and the other was making technical bags. Heavy stuff.


Enough talk, I'll explain it all to you:


So, I admit, it's not very pretty... Marianne, our graphic designer, even jumped out of her chair when she saw this work of art. But it is very practical! I marked all your needs in a tool that pulled out all the words that came up the most so I could pull out clear themes.


And it comes up with this:

- Waterproof

- Helmet attachment

- Daily

- Pocket

_ Visibility

- PC / Office

- Lightweight


The features

I made a quite long list, so I will just list the main ones:


- 100% waterproof

- Quick access pocket

- Transparent" reflective surface

- Possibility to put a camel bag

- Waterproof inner bag (clothes, shoes, meals,..)

- 15" PC pocket

- Helmet attachment

- Light hanging system (front / rear)

- Quick access (keys, badge, cell phone)

- Anti-theft system (to leave it in a basket or on a luggage rack)

- Padded and anti-sweat back

Design and materials

We'll leave it to the pros, but I've laid down some basics:


- Preferably recycled materials

- Fabrics immune to grease stains easily cleanable

- Bag size that fits in a basket

- Not too deep for those who have child seats

- Urban design: NOT A HIKING BAG


With this, Léa and Max have a good basis! We hope to have the first drafts by early April. I'll send them to you for your feedback :)


Until then, pedal well and take some extra for me at the canteen.

Emilien - co-founder
Written by : Emilien - co-founder