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Cabaïa x Papier Tigre:
The Back-to-School collab that shows its claws.

Every year, it's the same thing. The back-to-school season, with its excitement, reunions, and thirst for novelty... To accompany the end of vacations and the return to the office, Cabaïa and Papier Tigre unveil a joyful and studious limited edition collaboration. On the agenda? A perfect and unprecedented collection of products. Sharpen your pencils, grab a (big) coffee: here we go again!

Let's go! Pack away the flying umbrellas and the ice creams that melt too quickly, the sand that gets everywhere, and the sunscreen that's always sticky. See you next year. Make way for back-to-school, new notebooks, the traditional "anything is possible" in September, and coffee machine debriefs. To accompany this big comeback, a major collaboration. We've invited Papier Tigre to create PRO essentials.

Who is Papier Tigre ?

Papier Tigre is the crème de la crème of creative and sustainable stationery, and they've been at it since 2012. Ultra-local, they have their own production workshop in the Marais district of Paris. Without felling a single tree, they bring original collections of functional, playful, and unexpected products to life in an artisanal way. And we absolutely love that. That's why we gave them free rein to imagine the Papier Tigre x Cabaïa collection.

The result: a limited edition collection roaring with creativity.

We're not claiming to have the magical formula for a stress-free back-to-school season. BUT. This little kit of planner, pencil case, laptop case, card holder, and backpack, co-designed hand in hand with Papier Tigre, definitely sends out "everything is under control" vibes. What we love: their ingenious side, playful colors, and graphic prints. Enough good vibes to extend summer, at least until December.

A super cool collaboration idea?

Send us your wildest suggestions to courrier@cabaia.fr 💌 we'll see what we can do ;)

Written by : Maureen