Our Cabaïa backpacks offer great comfort thanks to their padded shoulder straps and facilitate your organization thanks to the practical compartments inside. Discover them in 3 sizes: mini, medium and maxi! Our backpacks are customizable thanks to their interchangeable pockets and are guaranteed for life. Their volume ranges from 12 to 25 litres depending on the model and can easily hold everything you need (padded computer/ipad pocket, bag opening, safety carabiner, suitcase fastening strap...). Perfect for all your travels, available in several colours to complete your look. Our Cabaïa backpacks offer you great comfort. Everybody needs a backpack, whether it's for going to school, going away for the weekend, travelling, going around the world, climbing to the top of a mountain, going to work or even for your daily sports session! Cabaïa offers you a wide choice of backpacks in different sizes to meet all your desires and needs! Our backpacks are suitable for all styles: streetwear, sportswear, trendy, hipster, classic...and they are customizable thanks to their interchangeable pockets. When you love your backpack, going to class (at school, college, high school or university) becomes a real pleasure! Don't wait any longer to discover all our models and buy the backpack that suits you! For adults, the mini, medium or maxi backpacks are perfect for both men and women. To find out more, please consult our size guide. For children, opt for a mini bag, perfect for everyday use and to carry their small notebooks, it will make their travels comfortable and enjoyable! If you're looking for a small backpack, our mini bags are made for you! You are tall and always feel like your backpack looks small on you? Opt for our Maxi backpack, a bag for grown-ups! Still hesitating? Opt for our classic and original Medium bag ! All our backpacks are guaranteed for life and can be personalized thanks to their side pockets.