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If your Uncle Jacques has struck again at Christmas by giving you yet another "best nephew in the world" cup, tread closely what's coming next.

Until December 30th, Santabaïa is hunting for useless gifts, and exchanges them for ingenious and durable gifts. More precisely Cabaïa gifts.

No, it's not too late...

Is the gift you received going to gather dust in a closet or end up in the trash? Stop everything and write to Santabaïa. She'll make it right.

For each useless gift you received, we'll give you a surprise. And who knows you might win the €100 gift voucher at stake every day until December 30th!

Listen to this very serious survey...

A very serious survey states that if we only gave Cabaïa gifts at Christmas, the world would be better off. Recycled products, guaranteed for life, respectful of the planet and animals... It's true that we like a good joke, but we're not kidding when it comes to the environment.