Committed to the environmental and animal cause, Cabaïa works every day to change the codes by offering everyday accessories that are out of the ordinary, always made from eco-friendly materials. After becoming a mission-based company in 2021, Cabaïa is a B Certified® company since 2022.


A B Certified® or B Corp™ company is a company that meets high social and environmental standards and is committed to progress. B Corp certification is particularly demanding and is obtained after evaluating more than 200 criteria grouped into categories (corporate governance, community, environment, employee life and customer relations).

By obtaining the B Corp™ label, Cabaïa demonstrates that it complies with very high social and environmental standards and that it is committed to progress and transparency on these subjects.

Overall impact score: 92.9
At the end of a demanding 2-year certification process, Cabaïa obtained a score of 92.9/200. The minimum score is 80 to be B certified®. Average score of all user companies: 55
Our score in detail

Designing sustainable products.
Cabaïa designs its accessories from eco-responsible materials, whether they are recycled, vegan or organic.

These materials are all GRS, EVE VEGAN and GOTS certified respectively.
At present, a little more than 50% of Cabaïa's products are recycled.

To raise awareness of environmental issues among the current generation and to encourage eco-friendly behavior!

Since 2021, Cabaïa has been organizing regular second-hand sales of the bags it has had repaired in a workshop in Haute-Savoie. The brand also guarantees its backpacks for life in order to encourage a long life cycle rather than a wholesale replacement of its products.

To protect animals and actively support the improvement of their living conditions.
98% of Cabaïa's accessories are EVE Vegan certified

and every year the brand organizes a sale of its collections, the profits of which are fully donated to the Société Protectrice des Animaux. More than €80,000 have been donated since the launch of the operation in 2018.

Protecting the planet and reducing our carbon footprint.
Since 2020 Cabaïa has prohibited the use of plastic in its packaging.

The brand does not use planes to transport its goods and works with carbon-neutral delivery services.

All our commitments

A more sustainable, respectful and sensible fashion can exist.

When we filed our application in 2020 to become a certified B-company, we had no idea what an obstacle course we would face.
For two years, we had to make high demands on ourselves and our partners in order to join this movement and achieve such a rating. It was for the best! We have learned a lot about ourselves and we are now able to prove that a more sustainable, respectful and sensible fashion can exist.

This certification is not an end in itself, but rather the logical continuation of a process that has been driving us since the beginning: to create accessories that will accompany us in all adventures, and for a long time. And to make the most of it, it is obvious that we must preserve the world around us.

Bastien Valensi, founder of Cabaïa

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