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Vitalik et Anastasia
Vitalik et Anastasia

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Vitalik et Anastasia

Inseparable thanks to the wooden knob

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  • Wood button - cabaia

    Wood button

  • Unique size - cabaia

    Unique size

  • Crafted cotton - cabaia

    Crafted cotton

  • Vegan certified - cabaia

    Vegan certified

  • NO CHEMICALS - cabaia


  • SEAMLESS SEWING - cabaia


video cabaia Vitalik et Anastasia play
video cabaia Vitalik et Anastasia play
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Vitalik is one of the great figures in the world of crypto-currency, so we decided to dedicate this pair to him.

With the inscriptions "HODL" and "TO THE MOON" underneath..

And don't forget: "If you lose everything, at least you'll still have your socks".

One size : 40/45

Our pair of lovebirds socks are soft and comfortable (and they smell good!).

80% combed cotton socks: the best cotton range available

Button and buttonhole designed to never lose them!

Recycle pack and carton kraft.


Wash at 40° with the button attached, and hang out to air dry naturally.


Welcome to the wonderful world of our inseparable socks ! We're still looking for the story behind this couple, are you feeling inspired? Email us at contact@cabaia.fr with your best couple encounter story...
video cabaia Vitalik et Anastasia play
video cabaia Vitalik et Anastasia play
  • 🧦 Use and care of socks

    Use of socks

    ⚽️ Always put the right and then the left like Zizou.
    🔓 Fasten your socks with the button when you take them off, you'll be so happy to find them together when you get out of the machine.
    ⚙️ Put on and take off the button a few times before wearing them for the first time in order to make the hole and the buttonhole properly.
    👞 With rubbing of your shoes, pilling may occur, especially in areas such as the Achilles tendon or sole. In fact, these pilling is a rather good sign: the polyamide layer that has been added wears away to delay the appearance of a hole on the cotton.
    💪 Don't tear the thread connecting the socks to the purchase, cut it off, or you risk causing a hole.
    💅 Cut your toenails, it is the first cause of holes in the socks.
    🦶Marcher in socks is to damage them, it is necessary to know it, you will prolong their lifespan by avoiding to walk too much in socks.
    ⭐️ Show them: You've chosen great socks, the world wants to see them.

    Sock Care

    🧺 Washing your socks at 30°C or 40°C is also efficient and more ecological.
    🔥 Do not iron your socks, as this may damage the elastane.
    🌍 For the planet and the life of your socks, avoid the tumble dryer. If you don't have a choice, dry your socks at a low temperature and in delicate mode so as not to alter the elastane in your socks.
    🔙Lavez your socks turned upside down to prevent hair or pilling of other clothes from sticking to the outside (I never think about it personally).

    That's it, in short, wear them the way you like them and take a little care to extend their life, although they are designed to resist even with the big stuff, the attention you'll pay to them will further extend their shine and life span 😄


    📏 Women's sizes range from 35 to 40.
    📏 Men's sizes range from 40 to 45.


    Our socks are made of combed cotton: 80% cotton, 18% polyamide, 2% elastane.
    Softness incarnate!


Vitalik et Anastasia

Communauté Instagram de Cabaia
Communauté Instagram de Cabaia
Communauté Instagram de Cabaia
Communauté Instagram de Cabaia
Communauté Instagram de Cabaia
Communauté Instagram de Cabaia


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