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Free delivery from 40 €


💡 I haven’t received my order confirmation yet, what should I do?

This occur for one of these 2 reasons : 

  1. Your mail adress is in incorrect : Send a mail to contact@cabaia.fr with your first and last name we will modify your mailing address
  2. It is in your spam : check your spam 

💡 How do I check the progress of my order?

First you should create an account with your order mailing address. 
Then go to "Order History" and click on the order you want to check

💡 I changed my mind, can I cancel my order?

Yes, mail support at contact@cabaia.fr with your order number and ask to cancel your order, you will be refunded.
If your order already left our warehouse, return it following this process.

💡 I’d like to use my discount code, how do I add it?? 

Add products of your choice to your cart and click on "checkout", on the next page on the right their is field called "discount code", enter your discount here.

💡 How do I place an order? 

Like any website (but better), simply add items to your shopping cart, enter your delivery information and payment details, and VOILA, your package will be prepared by our elves and arrive at your door in 3 working days.

💡 Why can’t I make a payment? 

We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal payments and local payment method (Ideal, Bancontact)

If you’re struggling to make a payment, please follow the steps below: 

- Check if your information is correct (sometimes you need to include your full name in your card details, not just your last name)

- Check you’ve not exceeded your daily spending limit

- Check if your account has enough funds

- Use a different payment method

- Try again in a few hours 

- Contact us contact@cabaia.fr, and we’ll find a solution.


 Bobble Hat Bar 

💡 Will the bobbles fall off?



We’ve developed the grip system further this year so that your much-loved bobbles stay attached even as you hit the slopes.

💡 How do I know what size hat to get?

It's very simple. Choose from the following:

  • One size for adults measuring 54 to 61
  • Size suitable for 6-12 year olds measuring 49 to 54

💡 Are the hats warm?

Not only do our hats look great, they’re also super warm! They’ve each got 2 layers of material to ensure a toasty winter (except Appletini and Mead designs).

💡 What bobbles should I buy for my hat? 

We’re still selling hats from older collections (on sale). They have a different fastening system compared to our latest hats (square attachment). These hats take our 16/17 bobbles, available here.


Our new generation bobbles are suitable for all our other hats (round attachment), available here.

💡 Do all hats come with 3 bobbles and a shaker (packaging)? 

All our bobble hats are sold with 3 bobbles and a shaker - you don’t mess with a winning combination.


Hats without bobbles are delivered in a shaker (packaging).


Sock Club

💡 How do I know what size socks to get?

It's very simple. Choose from the following:

  • Women’s size 35 to 40 📏  
  • Men’s size 40 to 45 📏

💡 What are the socks made from?

Our socks are made from combed cotton: 80% cotton, 18% polyamide, 2% spandex.

The definition of softness!


💡 Do all socks come with buttons?

YES, all our socks come with buttons! We wouldn’t wish the trauma of missing socks on anyone. 


Towel Hut

💡 What material are the towels made from?

100% cotton and 400g/m2 thickness, so thick enough to be comfortable, with a spongy side for water absorption.

💡 What size are the towels?

Rectangular towels: 80cm (width of a large single bed) x 150cm (height)

Round towels: 150cm in diameter (from one side to the other, in normal lingo).


Shipping and Returns

💡 How long is delivery?

Count 4-5 working days for us to lovingly prepare your parcel and deliver it to your door (Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays).

If you’ve not heard anything and the link provided in your delivery tracking email doesn’t tell you where your parcel is, get in touch with us at contact@cabaia.fr stating your order number and full name. We’ll do all we can to help!


💡 Order tracking?

When you place an order, you’ll receive an order confirmation email with a button enabling you to view your order. You can follow the progress of your order by clicking on the button again. If you created an account, simply visit the website and log in to your account. You can also create an account with your order confirmation email and the order will be directly imported into your account. 


💡 I can’t find my account

You most likely haven’t created an account yet, as we don’t require you to create an account to place an order (we would hate to annoy you).

You can create an account here using the email address used to place your order, and all your orders will be imported into your account 😃


💡 I’ve forgotten my password: 

Simply click on ‘forgotten password’ below. A link to reset your password will be sent to you (check your junk folder, just in case). 


Most importantly

💡 What happens when I order?

Very good question! Bastien hits the gong to warn the neighbourhood, Emilien does 50 press-ups to celebrate, Lorraine does the macarena, Aurélie drinks a shot of tequila and Valerie goes into lion pose!


💡 How are babies made?

Very good question, your parents can answer that one:)