Discover our two collections of backpacks made with 100% recycled materials. The Old School and the City backpack collections.

Made from recycle bottles that have been sorted, washed, melted and woven into an ultra-resistant material to create these two collections.

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  • The textile on the inside of all our bags is made from recycled water bottles.

  • We are developing a 100% upcycled range from plastic bottles: the inside and outside of the bag are made from bottles used in everyday consumption.
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At Cabaïa, none of our products contain animal matter and they all are EVE Vegan certified.

Cabaïa green values

At Cabaïa, we choose to offer our clients the best product quality combined with sustainable excellence. Products with minimal impact will only be globally accepted when their price is equivalent to the one of a non-recycled or virtuous products. Thus, at Cabaïa, we work to make these products accessible in order to maximise our positive impact rather than seek our niche. This inevitably imposes compromises that allows everyone to have access to products with limited impact. We are making sure to use GRS (Global Recycled Materials) certified materials, and we are practicing upcycling on different product lines.