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Ethics at Cabaïa

"There is no ethical proposal, there are only ethical acts."

Spread around the world, our different workshops have all been carefully selected for their expertise and strong experience in the development of our products. Well aware that all countries do not have the same social requirements or measures to protect workers, we have implemented concrete actions to counter possible ethical abuses among our partners.

Our actions


BSCI or SMETA certified factories

All our factories are certified by one of these two labels, or are in the process of being certified. Issued after external audits carried out by specialized companies, they guarantee ethical compliance and ensure that working conditions are satisfactory for all employees.

Banning child labor, forced labor, ensuring the safety of workers, allowing everyone to have a salary that allows them to live with their families, having the right to form a union 


Compliance with the Cabaïa Code of Conduct

Team Cabaïa spends its time in the field to ensure that basic rules are respected and improved: banning child labor, forced labor, ensuring worker safety, allowing everyone to have a salary that allows them to live with their families, having the right to form a union. Year after year, thanks to external audits and internal controls, we do everything possible to ensure that our partners have a working environment that complies with our social and environmental requirements. We have gathered these requirements in our code of conduct, which serves as a guideline in our relationship with all our suppliers.


Complete knowledge of the supply chain

Did you know that? Social and environmental problems rarely occur among Tier 1 suppliers. But it's when they subcontract to smaller plants that problems can arise. In fact, the recent major scandals in the textile industry have always occurred at Tier 2 or Tier 3 suppliers, when suppliers in turn subcontract to smaller factories... At Cabaïa, we therefore prohibit subcontracting to companies that have not been validated according to our code of conduct, and that do not meet our social and environmental criteria.


Ecology in the office

Have offices with a low ecological impact, manage electricity and water consumption, set up a strong recycling system, give preference to reusable containers for meals, do not use plastic water bottles... We must lead the way for a workplace with minimum impact by optimizing our energy expenses, and by educating the entire team to a zero impact work method.

Objectifs 2021


Carbon emissions measured and offset 


Of our eco-designed products


We are working to become B corp certified by 2021.

*B Corp is an organization that verifies the societal and environmental, governance and public transparency requirements of companies. 

"It is up to our generation to show that it is possible to produce globally by offering accessories that are desirable, affordable and ethically produced in accordance with our values. »

Co-founder & CMO

‘’ In order to move forward, we need to be......transparent & admit our current limitations. ‘’

Traceability of supplies

We go back as far as possible in our supply chains. However, some components - such as rivets or zippers - are purchased as finished products from specialized distributors and are not manufactured in our workshops. Of course, we do our utmost to trace all the supply chains, even if the many middlemen do not make our task obvious.

Dependencies to transporters

For transport, we work mainly with French charterers (CMA CGM). As there is not yet a transport company with a strong ethical and ecological approach, we work hand in hand with our current carriers to develop their commitments. However, as we are still a small structure for these transport mastodons, our weight is today limited in order to succeed in having a positive impact on their actions.