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The Green Week

Green Week is the time we've decided to take to tell you about our commitments and our progress for the planet. It's not about us looking at our navels and congratulating ourselves: we want to give you justifications for our choices, as well as keys on how we can all act on a daily basis.

And this year, we've chosen to tell you more about one part of our commitments: producing as little waste as possible!

Why zero waste?

Some key figures: in Europe, 2.54 billion tons of waste were produced 2016. In 2017, each European produced an average of 486 kg of household waste. (Source: touteleurope.eu)

In other words, the importance of radically reducing waste... Because the best waste is the one that does NOT exist. And that goes well with our philosophy, at Cabaïa we don't throw anything away.

What do we do then?

#1: We create accessories that LAST

This means creating accessories with impeccable quality and finish that can accompany you for life. That's why we chose to guarantee our backpack for life. But it also means creating accessories with a "sustainable" goal, in other words: we will never create an accessory because it is fashionable and that, once the trend is over, will be forgotten in the closet or thrown away.

"At Cabaïa, we are not really fashion victims. We don't jump on every trend. Produce an accessory that you won't want to wear in 6 months? No way. It doesn't fit with our vision of sustainability."

Bastien, founder

#2: We REDUCE our packaging

To protect your precious accessories, we opted for FSC-certified cardboard (from sustainably managed forests). We have banned plastic: instead, we use cornstarch bags. Bonus: they're biodegradable (yes, even compostable 🌱 ). We ditched the flyer to write everything on our cardboard and Léna (our Product Assistant) spent days and nights to find a supplier of candy with recycled and recyclable Kraft packaging 👀 !

#3: We REPAIR our bags

When your favorite backpacks are returned to us because of a small defect, it is unthinkable to throw them away. Instead, we decided to give them a second life: we repair them, we pamper them, and we propose you to adopt them in your turn, at a mini price. These are our famous committed bags that we offer for sale once or twice a year depending on stocks!

To go further...

The entire team has been racking their brains to bring you resources, content, and actionable items to take you further!

➡️. Want to train your box in zero waste? We recommend you to organize a zero waste workshop as a team builind exercise!

➡️. Tempted to join an association involved in the subject? Join the Zero Waste association. Plus, their site is full of great tips!

➡️. Need to fill your ears with good vibes? Listen to the Practical(ly) Zero Waste podcast on all listening platforms!

➡️. And finally, get inspired! To stock up on good advice in your daily life, you can follow @genevavanderzeil, @zerowastehome, @going.zero.waste..

Written by : Rachel