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"Dear Cabaïa, where are your products manufactured?"

We are reading more and more this question on our social networks and here is our answer! At Cabaïa, we chose the best factories based on their expertise. We are building strong relationships with real workers who respect their employees and the requirements of the FAIR WEAR FONDATION, wherever they are. We are taking you on a little tour of our different production places, 100% transparent of course 💪.

Our hats ❄️

Our chunky knit hats are made in Varsaw, Poland, in the workshops of our loyal partner, a hats expert for more than 30 years. Filip, the chunky knit boss, and his team are with us since the very first Cabaïa collection in 2015. That’s what you call a love story ❤️

Then, let’s go to Istanbul in Turkey to meet Burak’s dream team who makes our fine mesh hats. Magic is real with them, they started to work with us in 2018, and they’re not afraid to make our craziest designs, a reality !

Our bags 🎒

Our bags collection is made with love and care by the talented Pierre’s team. Based in Hong-Kong, China, these luggage experts have been working for more than 30 years on backpacks and travel bags for the biggest brands. The workshop is a member of the Cabaïa code of conduct inspired by the requirements of the FAIR WEAR FONDATION and the FAIR LABOUR ASSOCIATION. In addition, the workshop is in process for a SMETA label. We started working with Pierre’s team in 2018 and a little bird told us it’s just the beginning…

Our socks 👣

Our joyful inseparable socks come to life in the workshop of Palas' Team, straight from Istanbul, Tukey. Specialized in Jacquard, there’s no pattern that could scare them. Between these virtuosos and us, there’s clearly a match ❤️

Our gloves✌️

Our gloves are made in Poland, in the workshop of Marta. With more than 20 years of experience in knitting, we could not find a better partner to keep your hands warm during winter…

Our scarves ✨

To bring life to our scarves collection so they can be with you all winter, we are counting on the unique expertise of Radek and his team based in Poland. They are the real king of knitting!

Our towels and their waterproof bags 🌴

Our beach towels are made in the company of Vicky. Created 15 years ago, her team based in China is a weaving experts team. Now you know why our towels are so soft…

And to keep their softness, we needed the very best waterproof bags! That’s why we are working with Florian and his joyful team, a packaging specialized company.

If you want to know more about our transportation modes, you just have to click here.

Written by : Rachel